Telling My Clients’ Stories

I’m Jeff Adams.

A freelance copywriter based in San Diego (California, not Texas), I coax, cajole and bend words into spot-on messaging that local, national and international companies use to successfully tell their unique stories.

Now, you probably have something to say and you’re searching for help saying it. Or perhaps you’re just curious. What does a copywriter do exactly?

Either way, feel free to have a look at some of the many words, sentences, even entire paragraphs I’ve written for truly great clients and imagine how my distinctive writing style can work for you.

Then give me a call. Or send me an e-mail.


Finished two client acquisition web projects for, the leading digital business payments company that simplifies A/P and A/R processes.

Completed extensive website content revisions for Surveillus Networks LLC, a manufacturer of video surveillance systems for casinos and other gaming enterprises.

Going Green
Reducing my carbon footprint by running this website on wind power.


Web Content

Second only to video in terms of visual impact, yet it’s more than just pasting brochure copy into a page. Visitors want their information in easily grasped chunks that are simple to navigate — with plenty of visual ques, so they can quickly find what they came for and then get on with it.

Video ScriptingWhat’s not to like about videos? They’re totally visual, and do a fantastic job getting messages across. Or explaining how things work, how things go together, or convincing people to buy.
PrintWhile a stunning image can stop readers in their tracks, without a strong message to convey information, feelings, or solutions to life’s problems — plus the command to take action — it’s only a pretty picture.

What’s in a name? Plenty! A great name helps your company, product, or service stand out from the crowd. And makes it easy to identify you, so everyone knows who you are.

Trade Show Signage Your messaging at a trade show has to be to the point, understood, and remembered—all in about five seconds. More importantly, it has to rise above the noise and draw in the crowds.


Kind Words

"Feeling that the content of our new website needed a boost before it went live we reviewed the portfolios of several copywriters. We were totally impressed with Jeff because he had previous experience in our industry, he took the time to learn our business, and he gave us a detailed analysis of what we had and what he’d do to improve it — all before he had the assignment! He then came back with great messaging that helps us better connect with our target market. He even pointed out some areas on our site where there was some overlap and also added clarity to what we want to say. Jeff, you're awesome!"
Rodney AquinoSurveillus Networks, LLC
“I hired Jeff to create a custom sales letter to help me recruit established sales professionals for my growing funeral insurance agency. The content of the letter and the way it was written was phenomenal. We landed a bunch of recruits in Utah and Texas… and at our live presentation in Las Vegas there were 50 people in the room — which was higher than average for us — ready to sign up immediately. Jeff’s letter was very, very successful and did exactly what we hoped for — in fact, it went way beyond what we had hoped for!”
Dennis SotoGolden Memorial Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance
Jeff is both professional and easy to work with. He brings great ideas to the table and his final copy is always well-researched. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.
Michelle ValentiActive Network
Jeff has that combination of creative ability and business acumen which empowers him to deliver great results for clients. It doesn't matter what field he's writing about -- Jeff "gets it" right away. He's also a pleasure to work with, so leave it to Jeff and know your projects are in the right hands.
Chuck VadunFire Engine RED
I have hired Jeff to write several white papers, customer testimonials, and demo scripts for Intuit projects and have been extremely pleased with the finished product. Jeff has the "get it" factor that makes him stand out from other writers. The tone of voice in his writing is spot on with our brand values and the assets he has written have been successfully leveraged to drive incremental accounts through the web, at trade shows, and via our partner marketing efforts. I have enthusiastically recommended Jeff's work to other colleagues and they too have been incredibly impressed with the quality of work he provides at competitive rates. He is professional, reasonable, always on time, and a pleasure to work with.
Normia ArteagaIntuit
Jeff was hired initially, for a copywriting assignment that required him to take newly developed corporate messaging and build it out into content for a website representing multiple companies in a newly formed division – USI Affinity. He was a quick study in learning our business and understanding our goals so we expanded his writing to include eNewsletters, banner ads, and content for other websites. In addition to his solid writing skills, Jeff fit right in with the team and added value by actively participating during project calls. Jeff was easy to work with, delivered excellent work and met our delivery timeframes with seeming ease. I would absolutely hire him again.
Esther CarlsonUSI Affinity
Jeff is one of our top "Go To" guys for whenever we need a complicated script written. His technical writing skills are second to none.
Chris Tate ShowUhow

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